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Rwanda: A rising star in Africa

Rwanda, a small landlocked country in Africa has a population of 11.9 million, a GDP of US$ 8.9 billion, and occupies a land area of about 24,670 Km2. Despite what is happening within the African continent in terms of political instability and poverty, Rwanda is already dubbed the “Singapore of Africa.”


Financial crime undercuts Africa’s economic growth gains

Financial crime in developing countries, particularly Africa, is on the rise, undermining gains in economic growth and negatively affecting development. This is particularly worrying on a continent whose countries are among the most resource-rich worldwide, but whose people are among the poorest.


50 Influential women in business

The Africa Report, Jeune Afrique and the Africa CEO Forum assemble an exclusive list  of the top African businesswomen who are shaping their sectors, helping a new generation of  female leaders and improving their firms’ profitability

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