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These three people power will improve your success

I learned a profound leadership lesson both from a story of Henry Ford shared by JC Maxwell. It is the lesson of people center leadership. The challenge that badly affected the Ford motor in the later year of her founder is still around but I hope business leaders will experience a paradigm shift with this article.


EU eyes Africa free-trade deal amid battle for influence

The European Commission pledged a new “alliance” with Africa on Wednesday, saying it wants to pursue a free-trade deal between the two continents — but the plan drew fire for rehashing existing initiatives, a lack of consultation, and sidelining sustainable development.


China invests in Kenya as $20m language hub

The Confucius program has witnessed rapid growth in the last 14 years establishing, a total of 71 institutes and “classrooms” across the continent, since first setting foot in Africa in 2005. Further growth is planned in 2019 and beyond.

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